Large scale 3D printing

The production of large components using additive manufacturing technology opens up completely new potentials. Together with us you can become a pioneer in your industry. Develop new components with previously unattained mechanical properties and realise completely new part geometries.

3D Druck im Großformat

Die Herstellung von großen Bauteilen mittels additiver Fertigung eröffnet neue Potentiale. Werden Sie gemeinsam mit uns zum Vorreiter Ihrer Branche.


Production of components without the limitations of conventional manufacturing processes.


From digital model to finished product without detours in just a few days.


Parts with dimensions of up to 2m x 1m x 2m (X – Y – Z) made of metal and plastic.

Germanys largest metal 3D printer

With a build chamber of 2m x 1m x 2m (X – Y – Z) even the largest components can be manufactured in one piece. The intelligent process control enables deviations in the production process to be detected early and compensated for by adjusting the process parameters.

Benefit from the design freedom of additive manufacturing in the production of complete components.


Modify existing components partially by applying new structures.


Improve the life time and durability of components and save material costs.


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Large scale plastic 3D printing

Together with you, we develop your idea into a product ready for series production or redesign an existing product. Annoying manual dismantling of components into individual parts has an end.

ThinkBig von ThinkIng
Low cost
Production of components beginning at 50 €/kg depending on quality and material.


Large build chamber
With a build chamber of 1m x 1m x 2m (X – Y – Z) even the largest parts can be produced in one piece.


Material variety
Wide range of different materials in over 50 different colors and haptics.


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Klick. Print. Ship.

With our unique production technology we set new standards in terms of component size and accuracy. Together with you, we develop an optimal implementation strategy for your project and make you an individual offer based on this strategy. Get your individual offer within 24 hours.

Step 1: Product idea
You have a product idea or already have a 3D model that you would like to realise? Send us an inquiry and we will contact you within 24 hours.
Step 2: Production
Production starts immediately after your order is placed. During this time, we provide you with continuous status updates on your project.
Step 3: Delivery
After completion, all components undergo strict quality control and assurance. Your component is then shipped directly.
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You are in good company

For more than 60 years ADAMS has been a synonym worldwide for butterfly valves of highest functional reliability and first-class quality.

Together with ADAMS, we have brought a new valve concept into series production that sets new standards in terms of application range, durability and cost.

Zipp Industries is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of drilling tools and drilling systems for specialist foundation engineering and drilling operations.

As part of the cooperation, we were able to significantly improve the stability of existing drill bits and develop a new 3D printed drilling system.

Think Square is the largest Escape Room in Bochum with a focus on professional team and leadership training.

Think Square uses the potential of plastic 3D printing to create life-size figures, stage design elements and complete puzzles.

The Reese Group is specialised in the heat treatment of metallic materials. Whether for large components, complex geometries or small parts in series.

In a joint development project, the heat treatment of 3D printed components and the modification of hardened components were analysed and optimised.

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